Why you should consider Digital Marketing

The statistics a got yesterday about

Digital Marketing was amazing...

3weeks ago while preparing my slide for

a Presentation at YabaTech for Members of

NYSC in Lagos, I discovered how big the

Digital World is and how Business are craving

for this service.

Yesterday Sunday, I had a meeting with

the Organizers of the NYSC Empowerment

Program and I was picked to speak again

to another Set of NYSC Members in Ogun

State (Shagamu)...

I needed to prepare a new slide as I may

not have enough time to do so during the


Shocking to me Business owners have all

abandoned Television, Radio and Newspaper.

Their focus is on the Internet Channels...

WOW!!! What a huge opportunity...

I will be making 20 New Digital Marketing

Consultant during the Workshop tagged.


CONSULTANT on Saturday 30th of May in Lagos

and 6th of June in Uyo(Akwa Ibom).

Register now @ http://bit.ly/digi5or

call 08062359810

P.S: The easiest way to succeed in life, is

to have that solution people need...

P.P.S: You may think you are doing well

in that work or business, until the reality

of Competition in Additional skill strike...

P.P.P.S: If I were you, I will register

today and have some bonuses sent to me

to get me informed before the workshop day

Live Smart always

Timothy Anietie
Digital Marketing Consultant
08062359810, 08094234919


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