The Daily increase of sufferrness in Nigeria

I almost accepted an offer to leave

Nigeria after analysing the situation

of the country.

No electricity, No petrol to power

Generator or fuel the car.

So much frustration....

I almost got slapped....

Hmmm a Filling Station attendant

embarrassed me two days ago with my

money, as if I was begging him for fuel...

So, how has it been at your end????


Something kept me back from the offer

to leave the country...

Opportunity in disquise....

This is when these business owners

need help from us...

Digital Marketing Business is the

real deal now and I will like you to

check out this and see if its helpful

to you.

If you will like to have a chat with me

pls call 08062359810 or reply to the email.

It's your friend,

Timothy Anietie
Digital Marketing Consultant


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