End Power Failure in your House and Place of Work

It has become unavoidable for Nigerians to be continually worried about power outage problems in houses and places of work.With the severe power shortage and inescapable electricity outage in Nigeria, our upgradable power inverters, solar power systems have come to the rescue. Gradually, some Nigerians are seeing the point in turning to the solar and inverter to minimize the power supply shortfall we face. To join them click >> http://bit.ly/EndPowerFailure

You may have been wondering on who to consult or where to find reliable inverters, solar power components (solar panels, charge controllers, etc) or upgrade an existing inverter to full solar system in Nigeria. Dear reader search no more you have found what you are looking for, just click >>


We are the home of quality inverters, long lasting UK batteries, and we upgrade of inverters to solar power system in Nigeria. If you want to buy inverters, solar panels or accessories from anywhere in Nigeria, we offer you a reliable range of products that will serve you well. 

I want to quickly share with you the few added value of inverters and solar power. You need to know the key advantage they have over power generator:


1.      They do not require consumables like petrol, diesel or oil and virtually incur no running cost.

2.      Once bought, they  supply power for free, until a battery-change.

3.      They are big money saver.

4.      Besides, our inverters are fully automated, saving you that inconvenience of change-overs, suffered with generators.

5.      In addition to running without consumables, solar power and inverter requires minimum maintenance, again saving you the huge expenditure otherwise incurred on maintenance of power generators, especially when used extensively.


Dear reader what are you waiting for? Kindly make an order or more enquiry simply click >> http://bit.ly/EndPowerFailure   or call 08024509929, 08052735910


Best Regards


Peter Ejimudo

For: Vanpeux Global Synergy Ltd. 08024509929, 08052735910


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