Kasuwa Renamed To Jumia

Well, I was on Nairaland yesterday when I stumbled on an ad that announced the transformation of Kasuwa to Jumia, and I had no choice but to find out, and probably know why.

Before: KASUWA
Now: Jumia

On getting through with a click on that ad, I was taken to a .NG domain website, .ng is the Geo-located domain extension for Nigeria. Superb, outstanding, I was totally mesmerised by the sight. The team has done a better job than was on the previous Kasuwa model.

My guess is that they either had this all planned from the start, that is start with a very popular name like Kasuwa, and then transform into a name of choice, Jumia; or someone talked them into doing this, maybe something like, branding. And, although it's not a wrong move to have renamed the e-commerce website, cos I had always wondered if the website was owned/founded by an Hausa, I was consoled by the reason that the Jumia Team left a Q & A regarding the name change at the website. It was a nice thing for the Kasuwa team to have explained to clear any doubts whatsoever cos we don't want to wake up one day only to be greeted with some other surprises that might not be this good, just like the erstwhile Kalahari, or I guess that rings a bell.

If the report from Techsensitivity is anything to go by, Kasuwa has received over 1.8 million visits since inception barely two months ago. More thanks to their mass publicity through Google and Facebook Ad.
Anyway, kudos once more to the hitherto Kasuwa, and now Jumia team for the great job they are doing over there. I sure hope that the effort is proudly supported by the desired patronage from Nigerians, both home and abroad.

Who cares about Paypal, Ebay or Amazon anymore when E-commerce is gradually becoming our friend courtesy of online shops like Jumia, and many more to follow. We are seriously on our way to making Nigeria E-Commerce friendly, so just as Kasuwa emanated from nowhere, watch out for the NairaMan.com E-Commerce concept.

Jumia is probably an E-Commerce arm of a company known as EDABA.

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