How To Unlock Your HTC MDA Cingular 8125 T Mobile Phone

Unlocking T.Mobile Cingular 8125 led me to the island of research. A Facebook friend asked me to help him out. If you've got an T-Mobile MDA or a Cingular 8125, or any other flavor of phone running on the HTC Wizard platform, you can now unlock (and alternatively relock) the simlock on your phone so that you can switch GSM carriers at will by simply swapping sim chips/cards, here's a guide to unlocking your phone so you don't have to buy a new one. This same technique has been tested on various devices and certified to work.

This article is based on the brilliant work of some developers in the XDA developers community.

Warning: Remember that unlocking your device voids its warranty, or worse, it may make your phone inoperable. You do this at your own risk!

You may leave your SIM inside the device performing the following unlocking instruction.
  1. Download and Unzip (click to download) to your computer.
  2. Sync Your Device With Your PC using Microsoft ActiveSync.
  3. Copy from the lokiwiz2b Folder to your Wizard (using ActiveSync, ensure a connection is working and then just dragged the .cab file from the lokiwiz folder on the PC to the "files" folder shown on the sync window)
  4. Run the in your phone, and wait for it to finish (you'll be prompted to confirm its installation) At the end you should get the message: " was successfully installed on your device."
  5. Confirm that your phone is still connected via ActiveSync with your PC.
  6. Run lokiwiz.bat on your computer by clicking on it and follow the instructions on your screen (this will execute on DOS command prompt)
  7. Type U and hit the Enter key. You should see the following message: Unlocking mobile... DO NOT DISCONNECT UNTIL THE PHONE REBOOTS!
That's it! The device should reboot when the PC finishes it's magic. And you're good to go. But if you run into any issues, use the comment box below to inform me so I can see how to help you.
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