UBA Naira Visa Africard: Another Online Payment Card Option

UBA Bank just like my dear GTBank now offer a prepaid Naira Debit Card. But unlike that from GTB which is a Naira Mastercard, theirs is called UBA AFRICACARD  and it's a VISA Card. Nevertheless, the card can be used in ATMs, POS and ONLINE.

The good news is 'You don't even need to have an account with the bank before you can get yours'. All you need is an ID Card and passport photograph.

The card will cost you N750 to get. Visit any UBA bank for full details. But, before you go, let me educate you on some very IMPORTANT details that you might not get at the bank.

Like most Prepaid Debit Card, the card comes with two different PINs.
  1. One is for your use at the ATM.
  2. The other is for use ONLINE.
When your application is approved and processed, you will be given an envelope containing your Card. Open the envelope, and check at the bottom right corner of the welcome letter. You will see a TRANSPARENT NYLON COVERING. This is where your two PINs are hidden. You will have to peel off that transparent nylon covering, and please do this by yourself. DO NOT THROW AWAY THAT NYLON COVERING, because that is where your PINs are but you are likely not going to see it.

Immediately after peeling it off, take the nylon covering and then press it against a white paper. you can do this on any white space on your welcome letter. You should now see the PINs but you have to strain your eyes and look closely to see them. Rush to the ATM and change the ATM PIN.

But remember that the ATM PIN is for use only at the ATM, and is entirely different from the WEB PIN. Remember, the two PINs are on that nylon covering, so and please do not throw it away yet.

You can use your WEB PIN to log in into the www.myubaafricard.com, which is the website you use in managing your account. Ask the UBA staff, but I think you can change the WEB PIN at the ATM.The website requires a USERNAME and PASSCODE. The username is the name written on the card, which is your name, without spaces, while the passcode is your WEB PIN.

To load the africard, there is an account number UBA asks you to pay into. All you have to do is go to the person in charge of Africard payment at any UBA Bank branch closest to you and get the details. Just tell any staff in the bank that you want to fund Africard, and you will be directed to the payment point, which should be different from the normal queue at the bank.

Africard is accepted on Facebook, Fiverr, Hostgator, Aliexpress, etc. Also note that whenever you load cash on the card, UBA will charge you N100 (100 Naira). You will also be charged N50 anytime you use the card on UBA ATM for withdrawal. Anytime you transact online with the card, you will also be charged 2.75% of the transaction amount.
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