List Of Blackberry Phones with Common Names

Blackberry phones seem to take on some names that I don't know where it came from. These names could sometimes be confusing because the original makers of Blackberry hardly call the devices by those names. Take for instance, Bold 5 is the common name for Blackberry Bold 9900.

While I don't know how come about these common names, I'm aware that they were coined to make it easier for consumers to call/identify these devices, rather than using the long Model Names. What I do know is that these common names make life a whole lot easier when it comes to naming Blackberry devices.

I have chosen to give you a list of these blackberry names and their common names. Although it's incomplete for now, you can still find these few useful for now, and in case you know anyone I don't know for now, kindly tell me so I can include it.

Model No.Common Name
BlackBerry Bold 9000Bold 1
Blackberry Bold 9700Bold 2
Blackberry Bold 9650Bold 3
Blackberry Bold 9780Bold 4
Blackberry Bold 9900Bold 5
Blackberry Curve Curve 1
Blackberry Curve 8520 Curve 2
Blackberry Curve 9300Curve 3G
Blackberry Curve Curve 4
Blackberry Javelin 8900Javelin
Blackberry Storm Storm 1
Blackberry Storm 9550Storm 2
Blackberry Storm Storm 3
Blackberry Pearl 9105 Pearl 3G
Blackberry Tour 9630Tour 1
Blackberry Torch 9800Torch 1
Blackberry Torch 9810Torch 2
Blackberry Porsche 9981Porsche
If you know anyone that I don't know for now, please add it in the comment box below.
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