Internet Banking Security and How To

Internet banking is simple: "Banking Online All By Yourself". This includes carrying out two-way transactions (Sending/Receiving) from your account through the use of the internet, and your Bank's website.

Internet Banking is however as safe as you want it to be. There are some precautionary measures and all you need do is just heed all necesary security cautions as relates to your ATM and account details and ensure you have personal internet access on ur phone or PC. Well, nothing is safe anywhere in the world, and as an IT Professional, my advice to you is: Safeguard Yourself with the Necessary Information.

That's what I have come to share with you: Useful Information On Internet Banking Security. Here they come:
  1. Make sure you have good antivirus software on your PC. And, always update your antivirus software.
  2. Asides your Primary Bank Account, Create one auxiliary account. Grant your ATM access to ONLY the Primary Bank Account. Then, keep most of your money in the Auxiliary Account.
  3. If possible, use very long complex Username and Password.
  4. Don't respond to email from the bank or any such emails that claim to emanate from your bank.
  5. Know your bank's secured web address (starts with HTTPS:// and always use same whenever you want to access the website. For instance, when accessing GTB, I will use
  6. Type your Bank's Secure Website link in the Address Bar every time you are accessing. Don't search on Google as many would do.
  7. Don't access your Account from public internet services like Cafe, or Office. Always do this from home PC. They might have keystroke log softwares installed on their computer.
Most Nigerian Banks have internet banking facilities, and all it takes to start using one is by walking to your Bank's branch to fill a form. With Nigerian banks bringing Token into there banking system, internet banking is becoming a lot safer than ever before.

Remember, don't share your ATM password with anybody, even your Bank Staff, or even the manager.

I use GTB, and as far as I can tell, their internet banking is secure, and by using it, you don't have to frequent the banking hall just to make minor transactions. You simply do the transactions online.

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