How to Update Blackberry Device to OS 6

Update your Blackberry Smartphone Software by following this tutorial.
A friend asked me this question on Facebook over the weekend, "how I can update my Curve 3 OS? To OS 6?" So I thought, why not write about it. I went searching and here is what I discovered.

  1. Your Blackberry Device
  2. Your Personal Computer
  3. Blackberry Device Manager
  4. Active Blackberry Internet Subscription
If you don't have the Blackberry Device Manager, click the link below to read more about how to download Blackberry Device Manager
Steps To Download The OS Update
Follow these simple instructions:
  1. From your PC, Click here:
  2. Click your Blackberry Service Provider. For instance, if you are in Nigeria, click either Airtel Nigeria or Etisalat Nigeria or Globacom Nigeria or MTN Nigeria. Then Click Next.
  3. Click the Combo Box on the Next Page to Select Your Device Name. Then Click Next.
  4. Download the OS for your BB Unit by clicking the Download Link for the appropriate Version.
  5.  You will be be presented  a form. Fill and hit the Submit button.
  6. You will be presented a warranty, read, agree and click Next button.
  7. Click the download button. Then wait for the Software Update to fully download to your PC hard drive.
  8. On your BB Device, go to Options > Device > About. What is the OS release stated on the third line down?
Steps To Install The Software Update On Your BB Device
After the download of the more than 100MB update file, you need to install it on your BB Device. Here is how to do that:
Connect Your
  1. Extract or install the downloaded OS file from the Previous Step on your PC.
  2. They will automatically install into the correct location. This location will be C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\Shared\Loader Files. Under this directory you will see directories with the model number of your device (if you installed the correct files) followed by the OS version number. Under these directories will be a host of .alx and .cod files. Do not modify or delete these files. They are needed to install the new OS.
  3. Using the USB Cord, connect your Blackberry Device to your PC. I assume the BlackBerry Device Manager is installed on your PC.
  4. When you plug your device in, a popup will appear and ask if you want to upgrade your device.
  5. Choose Upgrade and follow the steps given by the Application Loader.
  6. If you have any 3rd party applications you would like to keep, locate and select them at this time to avoid having to reload them after the new OS is installed.
  7. The apploader will also ask if you want to erase all data and reload or backup and restore the data on your device. Choose your preference and Continue.
  8. Typically a complete OS reload with backup and restore can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the amount of data on your device to restore.
  9. The apploader will inform you when the process is complete. After this, the device will automatically reset itself (sometime this will take longer than a normal reboot) and once completed and on, your device will be upgraded and ready to go.
Have fun and enjoy!
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Kemi salahu said...

I hope my bold 2 will not be locked to the service provider that I choose. If I choose glo can i still use the bb on other networks

NairaMan said...

Nice question from you there Kemi. I haven't actually considered checking if that would happen, but from my recent findings, the Blackberry OS update should not re-lock your BB device to the network.

But, some other people think that even if this could happen, then, to prevent that from happening, this should be done.

After STEP 2 of the Steps To Install The Software Update On Your BB Device described above in the article, you will do this before performing step 3.

Navigate to C-->Program Files-->Common Files-->Research In Motion-->AppLoader

Scrol down and select Vendor.XML, then press SHIFT+DELETE on your keyboard.

This should ask if you want to delete the file permanently. Click YES.

Then continue with step THREE.

Please check the importer list on the box pack for your country & Operator Name while buying Blackberry.

After the update, To check if your BB device is Network-locked or not;

Go to Options -> Sim Card and type MEPD to confirm that your device isn't locked.

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