GIZMODO writes How Yahoo KILLED Flickr and Lost the Internet

I just stumbled on an article on Gimodo about "How Yahoo KILLED Flickr and Lost the Internet" and I recommend it greatly. This eye-opening article tells more than the story it started. It explains how the transactions are made in an acquisition. For instance, I never knew that he full acquisition sum is not paid. a major part of the sale money is tied to some terms drafted by the big company trying to acquire the smaller one. Above all, this especially caught my attention and I quote from that post:
As a result of being resource-starved, Flickr quit planting the anchors it needed to climb ever higher. It missed the boat on local, on real time, on mobile, and even ultimately on social—the field it pioneered. And so, it never became the Flickr of video; YouTube snagged that ring. It never became the Flickr of people, which was of course Facebook. It remained the Flickr of photos. At least, until Instagram came along.
Read the full article here:
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