Simple Surf: MTN Nigeria No Data Limit Internet Packages

MTN Nigeria Simple Surf Internet Packages in Nigeria are considered high even with the growing competition. The same happened with Call Tarrifs when GSM came to Nigeria, when we were charged per minute from the very first second. That all changed when Glo Nigeria stepped in with the Per Second Billing.

This time around, MTN leads the way with it's super cheap internet plan known as Simple Surf. Don't worry, I will tell you why this is the best.

The disadvantage of the MTN Mobile Internet and Fastlink usage is definitely its Data bundle Limitations (100MB, 3GB etc). It's easy for one to exceed one's data limits before its expiry date even without downloading anything.How long will a 250MB plan at N1300 last? For me, it's about 4 days if I manage so well. The New MTN SIMPLE SURF plan sure solves the data limit issues.

Although, Starcoms and a host of others have similar hourly bundles but their service coverage is very limited. MTN Nigeria Simple Surf Plan is charged HOURLY instead of based on amount of data used, thereby giving users the total control of their internet time. Subscription to MTN Simple surf goes for as low as 2 hours within which you should be able to send or receive an email, download, or video chat with a friend. Since it has a 2 days validity, you can use 1 hour, then logout and use the remaining hour the following day. There's also the 300 hours plan to use at the office everyday (12 hours a day) - which will likely last over a month.

MTN Nigeria Simple surf subscription activation codes:
To subscribe for MTN Simple surf package, Text the Required code to 131

  1. TEXT 2H to 131 (2days Validity) for 2 HOURS at N250
  2. TEXT 20H to 131 (7 Days Validity) for 20 HOURS at N1,500
  3. TEXT 100H to 131 (30 Days Validity) for 100 HOURS at N5,000
  4. TEXT 300H to 131 (90 Days Validity) for 300 HOURS at N13,000
PLEASE NOTE: Disconnect Your Modem while you're not using it, why? I told you that your subscription is tied to time. For mobile users, you may likewise turn off Your Edge / 3G whenever you don't need it.

WARNING: There is a bandwith limit on this plan though. So, I would encourage you to start with the cheapest ones and upgrade as you use to see for yourself.

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