DHL How To Track Google Adsense Check

Google Adsense Check tracking has got a new better way.
How To Track Adsense Check
Tracking Adsense Cheque via DHL
In case you didn't notice, DHL Tracking Number takes a couple of days to appear on your payment details, if you are one of those who receive their Google adsense cheques through DHL. I have written a post on how to track the adsense cheque using the DHL Tracking Number earlier on.

Consequently, here is a new, better and easy way to track adsense cheques if you don't have the tracking number from Google yet but only the payment number.

That is a way you can do that without using the tracking number.
  1. Now, Log in to your Google AdSense account.
  2. If you are still using the old Adsense interface, Click on My Account option tab. Then, click on Payment History option. But if you are using the new adsense interface, then click the Home Tab, and then click Payment option under it.
  3. Then scroll down to the Payment in question and click on the Details link in its front.
  4. Get the Payment Number of your paycheck AdSense account. Just copy the number. It is a nine-digit number. That's your DHL Reference Number.
  5. Also copy the Payment Date.
  6. Visit the DHL Tracking website using this link 
  7. Enter the Payment Number you copied earlier in the * Shipper´s Reference Box.
    NOTE: Do not use the first zero. If it's 055555555, then enter 55555555
  8. Choose the Payment Date you also copied earlier as the * Date range for shipment - From 
  9. Leave the * Date range for shipment - To (that is it should be set to today's date).
  10. Leave Account Number Empty.
  11. Select Your Country in the Shipment Destination Field.
  12. Then hit the Track Button.
If done as instructed, you should get the current status of your cheque from there. If you have any problem, leave a comment below.

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