Monetized Blogging Part 2

Welcome to the Monetized Blogging Seminar Part 2.
I hope you have created your blog.
Just a little intro into what a blog is
But I will be brief about it: A blog is a website that allows you to write articles easily.
Having created your blog, you need to start writing.
Now this where so many people become lazy and this is the major reason why you may not make any money.
When starting, I normally advice that you write GENERALLY on topics that people are searching.
With time you can limit your write-up to just one topic
So visit
Under the Filter choose Web Filter in the First Box
In the Second, Choose Nigeria
In the Third Choose Last 30 days
Then Click Search
When the page loads, scroll down and you will see One Column labelled Top Searches and another labelled Rising Searches.
Choose Topics from the Rising Searches and write about them.
How? You may ask?
Go to
Enter the search term you picked from the Rising Search
Then From the Google Search Result, you will see articles on this topic.
Now, open one or more websites and copy the articles. Then Combine as many of the articles as you would like and edit the combined articles. This will give rise to a unique content that you can publish on your blog.

Make sure that the combined content is logically arranged and makes sense as a whole.

Then publish it on your blog. Repeat this over and over untill you have seven articles on your website and I will tell you what to do next.

If you have any questions, please post it below.

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Raimi Yusuf said...

superb.But I need more enlightment.

Stephen Jack from Compare Prices in Nigeria said...

John Don't you think that new blogger will find it difficult to understand the concept of writing on the any topic based on the trends. I think first you should tell them to write whatever they want so their writing skills can nourish.

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