Unlock Huawei USB Modem For Free

Unlock Huawei USB Modem by yourself. If you have a Network-locked USB modem and wish to make it universal so that it can be used with other networks, then welcome to Solution Inc.

All you need is the Huawei USB Modem Unlocker software and the IMEI of your modem. Just that Simple. The software will give you the unlock codes. So, if you have a modem that is locked to just to one network, make it a universal one by trying this wonderful software.

Now you do not need to pay anybody for Modem unlock codes. Download the software unlocker for yourself and do your business.

Download the Modem Unlocker Software from the link below


How to use?

Just enter your IMEI number in the input box, click on the 'Calculate Code' button and your Unlock and Flash codes appear in the window to the left.
See attacked pic for details!

Now go unlock those modems for yourselves

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