Register Avast: How To Insert Avast Licence Key

After installing avast Free Antivirus on your computer with no Internet access, you need to register it for free to get the one year licence. There are two ways to do this but the offline registration is better because with on-line registration, issues are bound to arise. However, you still need access to a computer with an Internet connection to complete the registration web-form on the avast! website and then to receive the license key via e-mail. To perform off-line registration, follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to apply for a free license:

    1. If you are using avast! Free Antivirus on a computer with no Internet access, you need to use another computer connected to the Internet and open the avast! Free Antivirus license registration web-form via the following link:
    2. This will open the avast! Free Antivirus license registration web-form in your default web browser.

  • In the web-form, enter all the required data (marked with an asterisk *) into the text fields, and when it's finished, click 'Register for free license' to submit your registration.

    An information message will be displayed after your registration has been processed. You can then close the web browser.

  • In a few minutes you will receive an avast! registration e-mail containing the license key. If you are using avast! Free Antivirus on a computer with no Internet access, you will need to transfer the avast! registration e-mail or its content from the computer on which you received it (e.g. using a USB Flash drive, etc.).

    Open the avast! registration e-mail, highlight and copy the license key. To do this, move the on-screen cursor so that it is immediately to the left of the first letter of the license key. Click the left mouse button and with the left button still depressed, move the mouse to the right until the whole key is highlighted. Release the left mouse button then move the mouse to position the cursor over the highlighted license key. Click the right mouse button, and from the context menu select 'Copy'.

  • Then in the avast! user interface, click on Maintenance> Registration and on the YOUR REGISTRATION screen, click the 'Insert the license key' button.
    Figure IX. B

  • Right-click inside the text field and select 'Paste' from the context menu to insert the license key. Then click 'OK'.

    After your registration is complete, an information dialog will be displayed. Just click 'OK'.

  • Then the registration status will change to REGISTERED and the expiration date will be updated on the YOUR REGISTRATION screen.

  • You can then enjoy an antivirus-free computer for the next one year. Within this period, you will continue to receive automatic updates to both the program and your virus definitions. At the end of that time, it will be necessary simply to register for a new free license.

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