Nokia E7: Best Of Nokia Phones

Nokia E7 is going to rank as the Best Nokia Phone... I am well-aware that many of you are angry because of the title of this post: "Why would he say it the best Nokia Phone when my..."

Well just take a look at the features of this wonderful phone named Nokia E7 and judge by yourself if it's worth being labelled as the best nokia phone.

This phone has an 8MegaPixels camera lens for bighter more quality images than you might have seen.

 The design is such that you can have easy access to most of your essentials right there on the home screen.

Nokia E7 features a Full QWERTY keyboard, Home key, Power key, Lock key, Camera key, Volume key

 What is Nokia Thinking? That screen could slide and lift itself from the base. I thought it would stop at just sliding.

Facebook and other social media has been made simpler. Just look at that screenshot and tell me if it's far from what you get from the computer screen.

So, you see, Nokia E7 is the Best Nokia Phone on own list of Nokia Phones. Oh that was the part I left out at the begining of this article.
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