S40 Phones can now send JAR Applications to other phones, just the same way we've been doing it using Xplore on S60 Phones. This is a Simple Tutorial on HOW TO SEND JAR FILE FROM YOUR S40 PHONE TO OTHERS. As an S40 User You cannot Share Application among yourselves except you are the Smart type. Once any applicationin jar extension is installed on the phone it becomes copyrighted content. But in order to bypass this difficulty I found a way. I am going to show you now.
In order to be able to send a jar file from your nokia s40 phone to other bluetooth-enabled phone; you will need two applications to perform this action.

[1.] UCWeb Browser. Any of this version 6.3 | 6.5 | 6.6 | 6.7 | 7.0.
[2.] BT FILE Manager OR Blue FTP
==> You can download them from our Downloading Zone

Get these two apps and install on your phone. You will then be able to send jar applications to other Bluetooth Enable Java Phones by following these steps:

[1.] The First Step is to have jar files downloaded with Ucweb browser on your phone. Do not make any change in the file you downloaded with Ucweb browser. Just leave it in the form it was downloaded to your phone.

[2.] Any time you want to share your App with a friend, just open your BT FILE Manager or Bluetooth Ftp and tell your friend to switch On his own bluetooth. With BT File Manager locate the file you want to share on your phone. Mark the file and copy it.

[3.] Then click back option to search for your friend phone. After you have make a connection with him. Locate his folders, and paste the marked file you want to share with him in his application or games folder, NOTE: You can Paste it in any Folder you like.

[4.] Now rename the file you have transfered to that phone from _ jar to .jar
( from underscore jar to dot jar). That file will then change to the application you expected. At first it reads 'invalid file' or unsupported format file. You do not need to panic when you see this happen, just rename the app to dot jar.

[5.] Switch off your phone for some seconds or 1 minute and switch On again. If you click to open the app and your phone ask youto delete the invalid app. After that your phone will on longer complain about the app again. You can now begin to use the application. This trick has been tested and confirmed. Enjoy your trick.

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