Glo Mobile Nigeria: Cheap HP Netbook Offer

The Glo philosophy to always EXPECT MORE continues to offer the best value and latest technology to our esteemed customers. Glo announces the launch of the Glo-HP bundle offer. Under this special bundle offer, Four Big Brands have come together to offer immense value to the customer by offering HP Netbooks for as low as N34, 000
The bundle offer is made available by Globacom’s 3G High Speed Internet service powered by Glo 1, HP Netbook and Eset Anti-virus. This offer gives Glo customers the option to choose between two models of HP netbooks :

  • HP Netbook (SIM embedded): This netbook has inbuilt 3G modem and customer does not have to buy additional modem to use 3G services. Customer can insert Glo SIM card directly in the netbook and can use 3G internet services.
  • HP Netbook(non-SIM embedded): This netbook needs Glo 3G modem to use 3G internet services.
Bundle OfferInitial Cost(N)SavingsCost After Savings(N)
HP Netbook (SIM embedded)75,0003 months free Glo 3G internet @ N 22,500
1year free subscription of Eset Anti-Virus @ N 6,000
HP Netbook (Non-SIM embedded) 62,500 3 months free Glo 3G internet @ N 22,500

1year free subscription of Eset Anti-Virus @ N 6,000

Bundled offer is only available when the initial cost is paid and not the cost after savings.

Bundle Offer Highlights

Glo Mobile

  • Best 3G internet package in Nigeria- Always Max, which now gives 6GB of data for N7,500
  • Best 3G infrastructure and connectivity in the country

Glo 1

  • Superfast internet speed
  • Reliable internet service

HP Netbook

  • Small and compact, elegant design, comes in different colors
  • 7 to 9 Hours battery life
  • equipped with webcam with integrated digital microphone and Bluetooth wireless technology


  • Protect your netbook from Virus attacks
  • Increases life of netbook
  • Prevent unauthorized access by hackers
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