Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager

Blackberry (BB) Desktop Manager can be downloaded for free on the internet. For the benefit of those who do not know what the blackberry desktop manager is, or what it can do or be used for, I will explain below. Just take your time to read through so that you make the right choice of download.

Blackberry desktop software is a software that helps you sync your blackberry device to your computer system. It does exactly what the PC Suite does for mobile phones.

The blackberry desktop manager is of two types, depending on what type of computer platfor you use. So if you want to download the software, you need to click the appropriate link below. If you are using a system that runs on Windows Operating System, then, you will need to Download BB Manager For PC. But if your system runs on the Mac Operating System, you will have to download the BB Desktop Manager for Mac users. Don't worry about the system requirements as you will see it when you open the download link.

Blackberry Destop Software For PC Users:
If you use the popular windows PC, then this is the one you need to download. BlackBerry® Desktop Software for PC coordinates the link between your smartphone, tablet, email accounts, calendars and more. With BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0, managing this link is even easier. Download it at this link: Download Blackberry Desktop Manager For PC

Blackberry Desktop Manager For Mac Users:
If your system is the Mac type, then this is the one you will download. BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac syncs your contacts, calendars and appointments between your computer and smartphone. It also allows you to transfer videos, iPhoto albums, and iTunes songs and playlists. Download it at this link: Download Blackberry Desktop Manager For Mac

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Stephen Jack said...

The only thing which I dislike about Blackberry is its desktop manager. Why? because it is so damn heavy that I have to close all the programs that are running on my computer because otherwise nothing will run properly, secondly desktop manager is made up of different application like roxio media manager which is bit uncomfortable. I was using nokia handsets before and the nokia mobile suit is so easier to use and much lighter.

John Onam said...

That means using this app requires so much of the computer sytems resources and much of it for that matter. If you have a headache using this application, then upgrade your RAM and if you are still planning on buying a new laptop, then get the latest ones with high specs.

Stephen Jack said...

Well, John I believe that every one will not go to upgrade his system just to run DMM. Right? :)

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