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Circuit Atlantic is at the forefront when it comes to Nigerians buying from the US. Asyou may have known, it is difficult for you to ship directly from US stores like Amazon, Ebay, etc. Circuit Atlantic has therefore stepped up to answer to Nigeria's demand of shopping online and buying directly from US. Here is the information you will need to shop at Circuit Atlantic's website.

You Need to Obtain an Internet Pin (iPin) to Shop Online With Your Visa/VPay ATM Cards

Steps to take:

You must already have acquired a regular PIN before you can obtain an iPIN.
Slot your Visa/VPay Card into the ATM Machine
Enter your card’s existing 4 digit pin number
From the options, select “Change Pin”
And then Select iPIN (not PIN) -
Enter a 4 digit iPIN number (Any 4 digit number of your choice that is not the same as the card pin) -
Re-enter the 4 digit iPIN
Message on-screen should be ‘Pin change successful’.
Use this iPIN in place of your current pin for internet transactions only.

To place an order for your selected items please follow these steps:

1.    The ordering system is on the left of every page on our shopping site. Use this only. DO NOT click on the “add to cart” or “buy now” buttons on the displayed websites.
2.    Select your product category from the drop down menu and select from a list of recommended sites (for example This will open the recommended site inside the same page you are on.

3.    Browse to the item you want to buy.

4.    Copy and past or type in the information required into the forms on the ordering system on the left of the page. Required info. Include: “item name or title,” “price,” the “quantity” you want, “size” for clothes and shoes and colour. You can find “shipping weight” of your item if you scroll down to the detailed product description on the page of your selected item. If you don't see the weight, go on and we will automatically calculate it for you. Tip! You can determine the weight of your item by looking at the product description of a similar item on Amazon. Your cost may be lower if you supply accurate item weight.

5.    Done filling out the forms? Click on "add item" You will see your item details appear below in your cart on our ordering system panel.

6.    You can add as many items as you want.

7.    If you are done adding items, click on add to cart and the rest is a breeze.

If you require more information or guidance, please call our hotline number: 23418815629
If the site you wish to order from is not included in our displayed sites, do the following:

1.    Open another browser window and navigate to the site you wish to buy your item from.

2.    Under “site in view” on the Circuit Atlantic’s ordering panel, select “add other site.” This will open a form field for you to type in or paste your site address.

3.    Go back to your choice site in the other browser window, obtain and supply the information required in the forms on the ordering panel and click “add item”.

4.    You can add as many items as you like from as many US sites as suits your purpose.

5.    If you are done adding items, click on “add to cart” and the rest is a breeze.

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