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If you have been searching for a wonderful blackberry service, then consider Blackberry from MTN.  

Get Greater Value for your money, only with Blackberry from MTN
Special BlackBery offer on BlackBery Bold 1 from MTN! With only N63, 000, you get a BlackBerry Bold 1 plus one month free subscription. It's the best deal ever!!! What's more? You get free genuine BlackBerry accessories for every new BlackBerry device you buy, like Car chargers, assorted BlackBerry phone cover and leather pouches Limited stock available.

BlackBerry monthly still costs N3, 000 and Weekly for N1, 000. Now you can stay in touch every week, every month for less.

Service  Plan Cost Activation      BENEFITS
BlackBerry Internet Plan
N3,000 Text
BIS to 21600
  • 10 Email accounts
  • BlackBerry Messenger
  • 24/7 Internet access
  • Facebook, Twitter , etc
  • Yahoo messenger, Google talk , etc
  • Business and entertainment Applications  
BlackBerry Internet Plan
N1,000 Text
bbweek To 21600
You can also Dial *123# to get details of MTN BlackBerry offerings.
Blackberry Tips
  • Battery Life: Largest draw on battery life is the transmitter and the backlight, so if you are transmitting a lot, you can expect reduced battery life.
  • Maximize your Home Screen: The home screen of the BlackBerry is where you spend most of your time. There are several websites where free themes can be downloaded. You can start by searching
  • Software Upgrade: log on to and select the software that suits your device
  • Free Application for Blackberry devices: The best site to download free applications for the blackberry device is from . Others include: ;
BLACKBERRY USER GUIDE- Helping you to get more from your BlackBerry from MTN
Setting up personal email accounts on the device
Customers with Blackberry devices; 8700,8100,8300,8320 and 8820 need to use the Email Settings icon to set up their emails. Customers with devices; 8520, 8900, 9000, 9700, 9500s, 9630, 9650s and 9800 to click on the Setup Icon on the phone menu to access the Email Settings.

Note: If the email settings icon is not available, customers should enter the link; from their browser to access the email settings.
Switching Devices and Validating Email Accounts
A customer that changes his/her blackberry device has to follow the following steps to start receiving mails on the device.
  • On the blackberry device, open the Setup Folder or access the URL
  • Click on Email Settings
  • If prompted, enter your login Username and Password and Log in
  • Click on your Validate beside your email address and enter password
  • Click on Next. Your emails will start dropping almost immediately.
Blackberry Browser/ WAP
There are two browsers on the blackberry device namely; Internet and WAP browsers.
Note: The internet browser is free to access nearly all websites without extra charges. A data Intensive site like YouTube attracts additional data charges. The WAP browser is charged for browsing most sites because it's the operator browser on the device.
Customer should make the Internet Browser their default by following the following steps;
  • Click on the Option Icon and select Advanced options
  • Select Browser and change to Internet browser and Save
Service Books
When your emails are not dropping on your BB device, you may need to resend service books to the device. The following steps are required.
Step 1: Hard Reset
  • Remove battery from the device while it's on
  • Replace battery and let the device reboot
Step 2: Register on Network: (If step1 did not solve issue)
  • From the device go to Options
  • Select Advanced Options
  • Select Host Routing Table
  • Click on Menu, then Register Now
Step 3: Send Service Books: (If step 3 did not solve issue)
  • Click on the Email settings or log on to
  • Click Help on the left hand side under settings.
  • Click the link to resend the service books

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