Airtel 2Good: Cheapest Nigerian Mobile Phone Call

If you don't have so much money to spend, but want to talk as much as possible on your mobile phone, then subscribe to the Airtel 2Good Prepaid.

What is 2Good?
Airtel's revolutionary new plan with a 20k/sec rate to all networks in Nigeria and USA!!! Just pay 60k/sec for the 1st minute of everyday to enjoy.

2Good Tariff Plan
On net
Off net
N15 - International
Calls Domestic
1st Minute
On net
60 k/sec
Off net
60 k/sec
Additional/subsequent (>1minute)
On net
20 k/sec
Off net
20 k/sec
     To USA, Canada, UK(Land), China & India only :
     First Minute : 60 K/Sec
     61st seconds onwards:20 K/Sec
     To all other countries :
     As per current tariffs of 55K/Sec onwards                        
As applicable on the network
 1st N100 recharge of every month qualifies customer for 20 free monthly on net SMS valid for 30 days
Benefits of 2Good?
2Good comes with 3 benefits which the customer can enjoy:
1.         20k/sec rate to all national/domestic destinations with a 60k/sec 1st minute daily rate.
2.         20k/sec rate to all USA (landlines and mobiles) with 60k/sec 1st minute daily rate.
3.         20 free monthly on net SMS upon customer's 1st minimum N100 recharge of every month.
How to enjoy these benefits?
Easy, just dial *446# 
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