Mod Opera Mini By Yourself

To start with, first get the following tools

1. Blue FTP
2. Power Grasp
3.Raw Opera Mini
5. Calc4m
6. Hex Editor e.t.c
We shall be looking at the following in this tutorial as follows

1. Opera Mini details (name)

2. Opera Mini Logo

3. Changing the opera-mini title

4. Changing the start page web url (first address it will open after installati0n)

5. Splash Screen

6. Installing color and changing the "installing" , "loading", "connecting" to any tin u wish

7. Changing the skin

8. Including your default b0okmarks

9. changing your user agent

You can get all your tools at the following sites

Now to change the opera-mini default name e.g opera mini 5.1 to any customize name, basically lets use a class editor here. N:B the main direction keys in your class-editor is 2,4,6,8.

Now using blueftp locate d opera open it and extract everything two a new folder

Using classeditor, go to the  folder where you extracted all the opera mini zip files, locate the folder META.INF open it, you will see a file MANIFEST.MF open it, then you will see something like midlet name: opera mini 5.2 handler UI and  midlet1: opera mini 5.2 handler UI

Now go to midlet name: |opera mini 5.2....., place the cursor before the "o" in the opera mini and highlight it down till handler UI, the highlighted text will be red in color, then press OK or 5, you will see options select CUT, then press OK or 5 again and select insert then choose text, input your desired name then press lst [options] select ok. Then go to midlet1 and repeat the same thing

N:B The '|' symbol symbolizes the cursor and please after imputing your desired name(s) don't press ok button directly to avoid cleaning the inputed text

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