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If you are looking for database software, or better still a general-purpose Database management system (DBMS)then here is a ranking of the best database softwares in the market today.

The well-known products include the:

  • Oracle DBMS
  • Developed by Oracle Corporation. This database software is written in C, C++. Compatible with many programming languages The Website of this database software is
  • Access and SQL Server from Microsoft
  • Microsoft Access is developed by Microft Corporation. The latest version 14.0 was released in 2010 as part of the Microsoft Suite. Website for this database software is
  • DB2 from IBM
  • Open source DBMS MySQL.
Each of these DBMS product currently supports many thousands of databases all over the world. The stored data in each database is not generally portable across different DBMS, but can inter-operate to some degree (while each DBMS type controls a database of its own database type) using standards like SQL and ODBC. A successful general-purpose DBMS is designed in a way that is can satisfy as many as possible different applications and application designers. A DBMS also needs to provide effective run-time execution to properly support (e.g., in terms of performance, availability, and security) as many end-users (the database's application users) as needed. Sometimes the combination of a database and its respective DBMS is referred to as a Database system (DBS).

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