Bottled water is drinking water, carbonated water, mineral water, distilled water, spring water, artesian well water, or de-ionized water packaged in plastic bottles or glass bottles. []

The Bottled Water Industry is becoming popular in Nigeria with many people consuming it as opposed to the sachet water type. This growing trend has given rise is not a surprise especially considering the increasing need for good quality drinking water packaged under very stringent hygienic condition as well the the costly effect of water borne diseases like craw-craw, worm infections, water blindness, dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid fever, cholera to mention but few.

Even though all attention is shifting to the bottled water, not every investors can afford to set up a water bottling plant like ordinary nylon/cellophane packaging of water. Hence, it has become paramount to go for Bottled Water Production business to deliver Nigerians this essential and high-demand product. But just like many other business, this will require intensive researchon the part of the entrepreneur in order to find out the necessary requirements for starting the Bottled Water Business.

Because many entrepreneurs lack the time to conduct this research, they can contact consultants to guide them through at a cost. In view of this, NairaMan Consult has offered to provide the requisite information for starting a bottled water business in this article.

Already there is rampant and most popular way of packaging water in cellophane sachets usually called "pure water” and sold for N5.00. Though this aspect of packaging water is simpler, cheaper and enhances easy entry and exit, it has been observed that this has been abused by a lot of people. A more organized means of production of pure drinking water has been found to be gradually taking over- Bottled Water-and is preferred by many especially for health reasons.

As a consultant, and more especially an expert in the area of Bottled Water, I have researched and put together a business plan and feasibilty study on the Bottled water business. The Bottled Water Business Plan covers all aspect of the business and is well explanatory with pictures of the water plant and machines. Additionally, I have videos showing an example of a bottled water plant in operation. This video shows the different phases of the water bottling process of the automatic bottle water plant.

To get this business plan/Feasibility Study and Videos, please call John on +234706 318 9585. Or Click Here

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