You can create proxy prov file for free on this website. Proxy Prov settings allow you to customise the internet settings on your mobile phone. It is especially good if you want to create cheats and use tricks for free browsing. I bet that my African fellows are screaming Yeah! My Asian dudes must be saying Ok! Let's go to free browing! Please note that after successful creation, the proxy prov file will be in three format. Just save the Prov Format on your phone. Then send the Prov format to any china phone via bluetooth. Then from the china phone, send it back to your phone, you will be asked to save the settings. So go ahead and save it. Alternatively, you can also send it from a highly sophisticated symbian phone that has “xplorer”

Below are two forms that help generate Proxy Prov Files.

Use the Simple one to generate simple proxy prov file.

The Advanced one can generate advanced proxy prov settings like the one you receive from the network providers- MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat


If you want to generate more advanced proxy prov file, then use the form below:


Access Point Parameters

Wap Parameters


MMS Parameters

Streaming Parameters

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