wwwSince I revealed via a comment on about my last year's $458 Google Adsense Cheque total, I have received a few emails asking how I did it. I am happy to share a few tips and my experience.

This article in itself is not a guide that guarantees you financial success by spoon-feeding you with the almighty formula for making money online through google adsense. It only serves to introduce you to the world of blogging. But that doesn't mean I am going to leave you high and dry, without a shred of advice.

Many people keep asking if it's possible for Nigerians To Make Money Online, and they keep asking this question because they tried and were not able to make any money. Last 2 years, that is before I started making money on this blog, I wrote a post titled Make Money Blogging At No Cost at MakeMoneyBANC in whichI made the following quote:

As at the time of starting this blog, I only have $29 adsense earnings but I wish to make thousands of dollars with it through the concerted effort of my input in terms of value-giving posts.

Today I can boldly beat my chest and tell any Nigerian that truly he/she can make money online and even for free using a free website. My method of blogging is really simple, but before I created that method, blogging was to me a very difficult thing since I had to use couple of minutes to think and arrive at a topic to write on, spend a whole day creating the article and of course start thinking of how I can type and publish it on the blog.


I have written a very descriptive post on How To Create Free Blogspot Website

. Just click on the link to read and open your own blog if you have not yet done so, remeber to come back here and continue reading. But if you have a blogger blog, then, read on.


Read this post: How To Get Original Posts For Your Blog to learn how you can easily and freely create articles for your newly created blog. It doesn't just end there, you need people to come to your blog every day, and this brings me to the third step.


You can advertise in several ways, just click the link below to learn  how to get people to your blog:
How to Advertise Your Blog or Website For Free

Always come back here for more on what you need to do to make money with your blog.

If you have any questions comment below and I will reply you.

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