HiTV Decoder Payments and Information

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HiTV, now Hi Media offers one the cheapest cable TV subscription rates in Nigeria today. HiTV Direct to Home DTH pay TV offers a rich blend of local and international channels and packages for your entertainment, news, sports, kids, and so on. One of the greatest selling points of HiTV in Nigeria is that most Barclays Premier league and UEFA cup matches are exclusive on HiTV. In this page, you will find information on HiTV decoders, prices, subscription rates, dealers, packages, and channels.

HiTV decoder & equipment

To subscribe to HiTV, you will need a HiTV decoder, a satellite dish, and a HiTV smart card. You will have to buy these three items. Currently these three piece of equipment costs N15,000. You will also be required to pay an installation fee of about 5,000 NGN to the installers. HiTV monthly subscription rate is currently N1,900 for the Correct package, N3,500 monthly for the Classic package, and 6,000 Naira monthly for the Premium package. Viewing centres, restaurants, and cafes will pay N15,000 per month for commercial package. Hotels will pay N1200 per room monthly for the hotel package. HiTV equipment and subscription is available nationwide.

HiTV signals are encrypted, so you will require a decoder to decode the signal. The HiTV smartcard, which contains your payment details, must also be inserted into the appropriate slot before the HiTV decoder can work properly. Of course your satellite dish should also be pointing to the right satellite (Eutelsat W4 at 36 degrees East).

HiTV Packages & Bouquet

Currently HiTV has five packages, namely:
  • HiTV Correct package
  • HiTV Classic package
  • HiTV Premium package
  • HiTV Commercial package
  • HiTV Hotel package

For each package you will have to buy the HiTV scratch card, dish, and decoder for N15,000. Then pay an installation cost for the equipment of about N5,000, and finally pay your subscription for the package you are interested in.

HiTV Correct: HiTV Correct is the entry level package. HiTV Correct offers 19 channels for N1,900/month. Some of the channels available include on this package include BBC World, Fox News, Aljezeera, Sony entertainment, and so on. Do not select this package if you are interested in Barclays Premier league, Carling Cup, UEFA champions league, sporting events.

Visit HiTV Correct channels page for details.

HiTV Classic: offers 28 exciting channels and costs N3,500 per month, adding channels like Bloomberg, Discovery World, Nickelodeon, Wedding TV, etc. Do not select this package if you are interested in Barclays Premier league, Carling Cup, UEFA champions league, sporting events.

See HiTV Classic channels page for details.

Premium bouquet: HiTV Premium is the high-end package for residential consumers, currently offering 32 channels at N6,000 monthly. If you plan watching sporting events like Premier league and UEFA cup, this is the package to go for. Channels like Hi Soccer, Hi Sports, Hi Sprots 2, and Fox Entertainment are only available on the Premium package.

Visit HiTV Premium channels page for details.

If you really want to get your value for money on HiTV, we advise you go for the Premium package.

It seems that if you want to watch live Barclays Premier league matches, UEFA league matches, and other live sports events, you will have to step-up to the HiTV Premium package.

HiTV Commercial Package: The HiTV Commercial bouquet is targeted on subscribers using HiTV for public view like viewing centres, club houses, restaurants, and cafes. HiTV Commercial subscribers will pay N15,000 per month.

HiTV Hotel Package: This package is for hotels. Hotels will pay N1,200 every month for this package.

HiTV channels

HiTV has a rich blend of local and international channels. Some of the channels are branded as Hi, like Hi Sports, Hi Soccer, Hi Nolly, Hi Sports 2, Hi Kids, Hi Mix, Hi life, Hi Movies and so on . Some other popular channels on HiTV include:

  • Fox News
  • Sky News
  • BBC World News
  • Amuludun TV (Yoruba channel)
  • Kidsco
  • Discovery World
  • Sony Entertainment TV
  • EuroSports News
  • GOD
  • and so on

HiTV Nigeria dealers

HiTV have dealers throughout Nigeria, for a list of authorized HiTV dealers, visit HiTV dealers page.

Upgrading your HiTV and Strong branded decoder

For guide on upgrading your HiTV and strong branded decoders, visit the HiTV decoder upgrade page

HiTV prices & payments

HiTV rates are competitive. Here are HiTV prices:
  • HiTV Decoder, Dish, and smart card – N15,000
  • HiTV installation – about N5,000
  • HiTV monthly subscription for Correct Package – N1,900
  • HiTV monthly subscription for Classic Package – N3,500
  • HiTV monthly subscription for Premium Package – N6,000
  • HiTV monthly subscription for HiTV Commercial Bouquet – N15,000
  • HiTV monthly subscription for HiTV Hotel Bouquet – N1,200/room
For latest prices, visit HiTV prices page.

HiTV Payment and subscription

HiTV payments can be made at GTBank branches, HiTV offices, and agent locations in Nigeria. HiTV now support secured internet payment and payments through mobile phones. You can now pay online with your InterSwitch debit cards and e-Tranzact. If you have Internet Banking on GTBank, you can also make secure payments for HiTV via that channel.

For HiTV payment details, visit HiTV payment page.

To Subscribe to HiTV visit HiTV dealers page.

You can also visit HiTV website at www.hitv.com.ng.

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