Recharge card printing business is a lucrative one and you will find out soon in this post.

To start the business, you must be ready to be very very patient, diligent and careful. The profit margin is very low so it all depends on how fast you can turn over your volume sales to really give you a reasonable profit.

If you live in Lagos, forget computer or printer. You don't need to be printing on your own, except of course you want to. Just visit the sales location and buy in bulk. But if you are outside Lagos, you definitely need a printer, a computer, software installation and printed leaflets for printing the pins.

For instance: lets say you bought 500units of MTN 100 for N 93.5 and you sell in bulk at the rate of N 96 each thereby making a profit of N 2.50 on each unit.

In the example above, you will be investing N46,750 to make a profit of N 1,250 (N 2.50 X 500). How about that?

Now that's only for selling  Recharge cards worth about N 50,000. For you to make a reasonable profit of say N 10,000 daily, you will need to invest about N 500,000. You will make this profit if 80% ( or N 400,000 worth) recharge cards are sold. Of course, you don't expect to sell all of them.


This is the main aspect of the business and i must tell you the truth and a blunt one for that matter: GO ROUND AND DISTRIBUTE BY YOURSELF. Although, you could employ people to do that for you, they will either run away with your money or make mistakes continuously in transactions. Sometimes, no one may be willing to do the work. It is either they are scared of losing cards or money.

Optionally, that is if you are loaded with much more money, you may rent a shop, and employ a sales girl. Distributing by yourself is better especially when you are still starting out in the business. You can go round every morning distributing to phone booth operators, and you are in for a good business.

Now if you are really interested,  but do not have up to N 500,000, you can start with N 150,000 and if you can turn this over in a day, you are sure of N 2,500 daily which amounts to 60k monthly excluding Sundays.


The company that I just discovered are offering cheaper than anyone I have ever seen. Their prices are given below:


*N100 = N935 (N920 for logical PINS)
N200 = N1, 870
N400 = N3, 740
N750 = N7, 012.50k
N1, 500 = N14, 025


*N100 = N930 (N920 for logical PINS)
N200 = N1, 860
N500 = N4, 650
N1, 000 = N9, 300


*N100 = N920 (N910 for logical PINS)
N200 = N1, 840
N500 = N4, 600
N1, 000 = N9, 200


N250 = N2, 300
N500 = N4, 600
N1000 = N9, 200


N100 = N920
N200 = N1, 840
N500 = N4, 600
N1, 000 = 9, 200

I think this is where I come in.The company where you can get these recharge cards is located in Victoria Island, Lagos. I will give you their address. But not now!


The company just made announcement of the plans to start, but have not yet disclosed when. This is because, they are still putting together the required resources. If you want to be updated with news of when the company kicks off, please subscribe to my feed by clicking on this link: SUBSCRIBE.


Additionally, if you want to start now, you may visit the Recharge card dealer in your city to purchase and start your business. For a detailed list of these dealers, please visit this link: RECHARGE CARD DEALERS IN NIGERIA.

If you need to, then call me on 07063189585 for additional information.
To your success!

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Anonymous said...

is it true that you can get cheap MTN recharge card pins?I think is a scam,otherwise,how can you buy recharge from the dealers and think that you can sell cheaper than them?Emma

Discount Cards said...

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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Plastic Card said...

I had a great time reading around your post as I read it extensively. Excellent writing! I am looking forward to hearing more from you.

Steve Paul said...

informative blog! i think Plastic Cards Printing should be done expertly in order to fulfill customer requirements.

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