How To Open a US Bank Account From Nigeria

If you are doing business online using pay pal, 2Checkout, Storm pay, Click Bank, or any other common payment service, you know how difficult, expensive and time consuming it is to get your fund into your country. I made this article to help people like myself, who searches for an easy way to open a US Bank Account without Social Security Number, without going to the US, and virtually without cost!

Step1: Let me start by Introducing “Financial!” Financial owns Banks and Securities, LLC; this bank has provided excellent and fast customer services. A lot of my like minded friends today have been able to open their bank account within 10 days – and that includes mail delivery from their countries to the USA. You can visit the bank now at but don’t click to open your account yet! Filling the wrong form will get your application denied. I’ll walk you through the right process in just a minute.
To open your account we will be using the service of securities, LLC- a member of the SIPC( Security Investor Protection Corporation). It is affiliated with Bank-allowing you to have banking service

Step 2: Opening Your Account Offers two accounts and two different forms: the first account is a Checking Account. Non-US residents can’t open this account. The second account is a brokerage account; it works just like a checking account. However, you also have the option to use it for investing (You don’t have to invest if you don’t want to – you can just use it as a checking account). This account is available to residents and non-US residents. This brokerage account allows you to write US checks, have a VISA Platinum Debit Card, and full internet banking. You can also ACH (direct deposit) funds from pay pal, 2CheckOut, Ad sense, or any other US bank.

As a non-US resident you will need to fill out the following forms:
Brokerage Account Application.
Tax Withholding Form (W-8BEN) Tax will not be withheld from your deposit. Tax is only withheld if you make profit on an investment made through Investing. Mail both forms along with a photocopy of your passport to “E*TRADE Securities LLC, P.O.Box 1542Merrifield, VA 22116-1542USA”.

Step 3: Ordering Your FREE checkbook. You can phone and request your checkbook before receiving your welcome kit, and even before any fund have been deposited into your account. Just call them on 1-916-636-2510.Alternatively; you can wait to request a checkbook after you receive your welcome pack. You can also ask for your account details over the phone and login to your bank account. YOU DO NOT have to wait for your welcome pack to access your account and deposit funds.

Step 4: Initial Deposit. you can fund your account by including a US check money order with your application. However, if you are including a check order, it will need to be at least in the amount of $1,000.Or………..You can fund your account in any amount via Pay pal, 2CheckOut or any other account via ACH (direct deposit). Initial deposits can be $10 sent from pay pal. You can also wire funds, in any amount, from your home bank account.

Step 5; Requesting Your Visa Debit Card. Your welcome pack will arrive in approximately 2 weeks. It will include a simple form to request your Platinum VISA debit card. Please note; you will need a minimum balance of $1,000(US) before you can request your VISA card. After you have opened Your Account; Once your account is open you are now ready to add your details to pay pal, Ad sense, or any other place you want to receive ACH (direct debits) from. Just enter the following details to transfer funds into your new US account.

Bank name: ETRADE BANK
Routing number: 056073573
Accounting type: Checking Account
Account number: Your personal account number.

*ACH (direct transfer) is different from a wire transfer; A wire transfer has different routing number and usually used for International Transfer. Enjoy banking in the USA!
Here is the link for this Complete Investment (Brokerage) Account:

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Anonymous said...

can i use only my student id to open e-trade account

Anonymous said...

i'm trying this out. i hope it works. it's actually the only one i've seen that makes any sense at all.thanks


i have been asked to selecct my country. when i select nnigeria, it says sservices cannot be offered in nigeria. how do i overcome this

Anonymous said...

how can i tranfer the money from usa account to nigeria

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