Update March 2012: For detailed information on How To Print GSM Recharge Cards and Make Money with it, I'd advise you read this article instead: How To Become A Recharge Card Sub-Dealer

New Secrets OF Making N100,000 Printing GSM Recharge Vouchers Cheaper And Selling Profitably to Over 100 Call Centers In Your Area To Buy From You and Smiling to the Bank!

Have you ever wanted to go into recharge card business but you are wondering if it will actually be profitable for you. You just don't want to make mistake, you are afraid you don't know much about the business.

You have thought, if only you could know where to buy recharge card cheaper and sell profitably. Or how you can buy in bulk and sell to all the retailers in your area and smile to the bank.

I have good news for you, all that dream you can make it come true, if you take advantage of the tips I'm offloading to you here. The commonest challenges faced by every entrepreneur, even the successful ones is the fear of the unknown and so you are not alone but don't let it stop you from becoming the next GSM millionaire.

Have you observed that all the GSM operators have introduced lower recharge card values in N100, N150, N200, N250, N300, N400 and N500. Why do you think they all now have these lower recharge vouchers? Remember, N500 was the lowest value in the market before MTN came out with N400. But now the lowest is N100 and do you believe we could have even N50 value soon.

One thing can only explain the reason for the lower recharge cards, it sells faster. Operators are experiencing a boom in recharge card consumption since the introduction of lower recharge cards.

For example, I used to spend N3000 monthly on recharge card on my phone, but now I buy at least one N200 card everyday and that has increased my monthly bill in one phone to N6000 per month.

Now relate this to selling of these lower recharge cards. The demand for them is he reason they are being sold above the price value. N100 to N400 cards sell for N20 above their values.

Who do you think takes these values? Who do you think takes these extra profit, the retailers because even though dealers get it at almost 8 percent discount, they sell at N195 for the N200 to retailers and some even sell for the N200, pocketing N16 per voucher.

The most interesting thing however is that only few people supply these vouchers to retailers. Imagine if it's only one or two people are supplying all the lower recharge cards in your town, how much profit could he be making in one month?

You may think it's impossible for just one person to be supplying these vouchers when there are many dealers scattered all over the state.

The printing and distributing of voucher pins are the exclusivity of some few GSM operators' dealers. About 2 per cent of the dealers have this license. Do you now see why only one person could be making all these money in your state?

Well, I didn't mean to wet your financial appetite and leave you waiting. You too can be among the few people that can print and distribute these fast selling vouchers in your state. And you don't have to become a GSM operators licensed dealer that would be a costly process. You can take advantage of dealers who have the license but don't wish to print themselves.

With their full support and supply of vouchers pins, you are on your way to making N100,000 or more monthly, printing and selling lower recharge vouchers that are hotcakes all over the country whether it's MTN, Vmobile, Glo, Mtel, you can print them in any quantity you so wish.

In case you are wondering if it would not cost you millions to start, not at all, with as low as N50,000 you can start printing vouchers. Some people print with computer, special voucher printing software; one can also just walk into a cybercaf and, browse for 10 minutes, download the pins, and send it to print at the cafE, pay N10 or N20 per A4 page

If you are eager to start your own recharge card printing business, then this tutorial would teach you. Especially how to print and market Recharge card vouchers anywhere in Nigeria. Here it comes...

I may want to advice you that, if you are starting with any amount less than N3,000, 000, instead of printing, why not go to the nearest sub-dealer to you and discuss with them that you want to buy in bulk. If you are lucky, they would ask you how much you are starting with,and would reduce the price for you based on this amount. I think this is cheaper than printing by yourself.


Before now, printing and selling of GSM Vouchers has been a business reserved exclusively for the big distributors. But now all that have changed, it’s all about who is interested. Just considering that recharge card consumption in the country is expected to reach over 50 million each month would make any one who may never have been interested in recharge card business to consider making an investment. And getting to know that you can actually control your own market (no matter how small) by printing vouchers on your own and distributing them to clique of outlets, makes the business even more interesting. The recharge card market is so lucrative that banks are jostling for market share.
According to a survey conducted in 2004, recharge cards are the fastest selling product in the country-only second to pure water, imagine how lucrative investing in the business could be-with an insatiable demand for more and more cards.


Just like every other business in life, it’s not devoid of its challenges that may even lead to losing your investment. However, the most challenging aspect of voucher business is not the printing but the marketing. You can print 100,000 vouchers in a day if you have the resources, but how many vouchers are you capable of selling on a daily basis.

This is where marketing plan comes in. you need great ideas to take vouchers right down to those who need them when they need them. That means being everywhere that you may be needed. And only great marketing plans can help you achieve that. You may need to discover new GSM marketing ideas that works.

1. How many GSM call centers are in the streets of Nigeria ?
2. How many people use GSM phones in Nigeria ?
3.How many recharge cards are loaded by both individuals and GSM
call centers.

By now you should know where I am heading to. Whether you believe it or not GSM has become an essential commodity in Nigeria . So what are you waiting for?


Your target market is divided into GSM call centers

  1. GSM call centers
  2. Road Side Recharge Card Vendors
  3. Individuals.

With this Information, i think you are armed to start of your fledging Recharge Card Business Today.
I wish you the Best in Your Recharge Card Printing Business.


Please for detailed information on how to secure your Recharge Card printing Benefits, you can read this article mentioned at the begining of this one.

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