First:If you follow my direction in this guide,I assure you that you will make a constant N20,000 per month and this is the least you would be making.

Second:I assure you that following this guide protects your investment,you can not quit this

business with even a N10 loss of capital.

Third:All the information given here is based on my personal experience with the business.

Please note that for time sake,this guide has been summarised to some extent.


I operated 2 phone call center suceesfully for a total period of two years (April 2005 to March

2007) and I decided to prepare this for the consumption of my fellow Nairalanders who may be

interested in starting a business but although they have the capital,they still do not know what

business they can start.

The best spots for this business are:

1.Densely populated Residential Areas.

2.Commercial Areas.

3.Academic Communities.

I operated out of an academic community,University of Ibadan to be specific,and Mellanby Hall to

be precise.


You need N25,000 capital to start this business and this amount is invested thus:
1 Large Yellow MTN Labelled umbrella N2,500

1 Small Table(plastic) N1,000

2 Plastic Chairs N1,000

1 Umbrella Stand N500

1 Samsung R220 Phone N3,500

1 Profitmax (Glo) BiZ Sim N3,500

Recharge Cards N5,500

Annual Rent N6,000

TOTAL N23,500

When you start your Call Center,just like with any business start-up,you would need to treat customers well for loyalty and to increase patronage.If you have a good disposition to the people you serve each and every day, making much more than the stipulated N20,000 profit per month would be a piece of cake.

When I partnered with one Yakub,in the Abadina community,U.I, as a result of our jovial attitude, we pulled more than 50% of customers ,and were making at least N1,500 profit daily. That was my first shot at owning and operating a GSM Call Centre.But there was a problem - LACK OF CONTROL AND MONEY MANAGEMENT and I would write on that soon, in case you are planning on starting a partnership with someone.

Most people's problem with starting a Call Center is because they "commonize" it, to them,this Call centre operators are too poor,but on the contrary,most are far richer than they.

Till my pen creates more writing,I'd say have a fun-filled day.

Like I said,this guide has been summarised a great deal,but I would be adding more information to it as time goes on.

For the time being,anyone interested in starting this business can start looking for a good location as you await my updates.All questions and positive comments can be asked here.

To your success.

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