How to get Free Traffic from Online Forums

If you are a free blogger or a paid website owner and you want to get massive traffic to your site on a daily basis, then this article is a must read for you.

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Forums are a great way to advertise your site because they are very dynamic in nature and are ever-growing. Therefore, they generally have good Page Ranking (PR), and of course thousands to millions people daily come to visit Forums regularly and these people are info and tech crazy and generally love to visit new sites for ideas.

In my entire two years in the blogging world, I have read and tried many ideas suggested for generating traffic to a website. I know the craze and zeal that a newbie has, and all he wants is to get huge traffic to his website in a no time, and the best thing is that it is possible, but time and hard work is required.

There is no doubt that there are hundreds ideas people suggest to get real visitors and out of them some really work, remaining others also can work but it's not easy for all of us to do them in less time and with low knowledge.

* Having back links in FORUMS is my Single real working Idea.

Many of you know that; you may have even tried it, but not with the desired result. As in many ideas we have divided zeal and confidence. But, when you know one real idea that work successfully, then you become focused and get what you really want.

Steps needed to get results from a forum are explained as follows:

1. Join a forum by getting registered in the forum. All that is required of you is an e-mail and a few seconds. Some forums send you a confirmation e-mail to the email address you used in registering.

Log in to that email address and click on the confirmation link they sent you. If you did not see any confirmation link, proceed to the next step

Log in using the username and password you have used to register.

2. When you have logged in, the most important and foremost thing you have to do is to edit your profile (it's named “Forum additional Information” in some forums). The main thing that you need to put in your profile is a SIGNATURE which consists of your website links. Also do not forget to put good attractive Avatar Picture. You may put others things to make your profile cool enough.

3. Post in the FORUM. This is the step that gives you the result- DESIRED TRAFFIC. The posts you make must be related to the ongoing topic if you are replying to someone’s topic. You may start your own topic but it must relate to forum's section and should be useful to members and visitors to the forum.

4. View your post to check that your signature which is a live link of your site appears at the bottom after your writing.

What you have just done will give you results within minutes and last for forever as your posts always remain there till the forum ends, which is rarely possible.

Make sure your post is not considered spam; it should have some use for incoming readers (members and visitors to the forum). Posts must contain enough matter to get concentration. Posts must intervene in the thread (Topic). And always put your link in signature only and no where else.

Some forums do not allow links, so read their rules or see forum threads to see if the forum allows you to put links.

The good thing is that, there are huge numbers of forums that allow you to put your live link in signature and those are the ones you need to join.

In my next post, I will list about 10 forums in Nigeria where you can get targeted traffic to your site daily.

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