Google introduces Western Union Payment

Google is one corporation I respect so much because,not only have they made online business profitable for us,they continue to make it easier for us to enjoy their services by introducing new and better services from time to time.

One of such services that has recently been introduced is payment of adsense earning through the globally recognized WESTERN UNION TRANSFER, a package refered to as Western Union Quick Cash.

What is payment by Western Union Quick Cash?
Western Union Quick Cash is a payment method that allows you to receive your AdSense payments in cash using the worldwide Western Union money transfer service. Payments will be available for pick up at your local Western Union Agent the day after they are sent according to our normal payment schedule.

This means that you won't have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail. Choosing to receive your payments by Western Union can also cut down on the bank fees and long clearing times associated with depositing checks.

Your Western Union Quick Cash payment will be made in US dollars. However, at most Western Union Agent locations, you may have the option to receive your payment in your local currency. Conversion rates will be calculated according to the rate used by the Western Union Agent on the day you pick up your payment.

To begin receiving your AdSense payments by Western Union Quick Cash, simply follow our instructions. Please note that at this time, this payment option is only available to individual publishers.

Please also be aware that at this time AdSense does not charge you a fee if you choose to receive payments by Western Union Quick Cash.

For Nigerian adsense publishers, this is good news as the days of having to wait for your cheque to be sent to Nigeria is over.Google now pays through western Union money transfer. Below are the details as copied from google adsense website.

If you would like to receive your earnings by Western Union Quick Cash, please complete the following steps. Please note that at this time, this payment option is only available to individual publishers.

Sign in to your account at
Visit the My Account tab.
Click the 'edit' link adjacent to the 'Payment Details' header.
Select the Western Union Quick Cash radio button.
Click 'Continue'.
Click 'Save Changes' to save your payment type.
Please make sure that the name on your account exactly matches that on the government issued ID card that you will bring to pick up your Western Union Quick Cash payments. If you need to update your payee name in your account, please let us know and we will be happy to help you to do so.

Also, please note that we are unable to guarantee payment for the next payment cycle in this form if your selection was made after the 15th of the month. For example, to ensure payment by Western Union Quick Cash for your March earnings, please complete the steps above before April 15th.

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This option is not available for Nigerian publishers

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