Which AdSense Ad Format Is Right For Your Site?

AdSense Ad Format

You can decide the ad format for the AdSense ads that are displayed on your web site. A lot of Internet marketing experts believe that AdSense ads that seem like part of the site itself have a better click through rate (CTR) in general. The appearance of your AdSense ads should match the style of your web page. Borderless AdSense ads blend in with the rest of the content of your web page better than those with borders. The text links should be blue in color.

It is up to you that whether you wish to run image ads or text-based ads on your site. You can select only image ads, or text ads or a combination of both these formats on your entire AdSense account or on one page at a time based on your discretion. Text-based ads seem to perform better than image ads. However this is not necessary true for all the web site.

Text-dense sites may actually do better with image ads. If your site has very few graphics, you may want to balance it out by putting image-based ads. In the monotony of a lot of dense written information, image-based ads and graphics provide what’s called visual relief. This can also prompt clicks. You have to track the results from text-based ads and image ads on your site to find out which gives you better CTR.

Google states that the following ad formats are the effective in general:

* 336x280 larger rectangle
* 300x250 inline rectangle
* 160x600 wide skyscraper

However you should choose the best AdSense ad format that works for your site. This requires a lot of tracking and testing.

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