What Are Google URL Channels and How to Organize Them in Google AdSense?

If you have your Google AdSense ads showing on multiple sites, you can use Google URL Channels to monitor the performance of your AdSense ads on each site. Google URL Channels allow you to view detailed information about the performance of your AdSense for each site. The following steps show you how you should organize them.

1. Suppose you have two websites showing Google AdSense ads, one is called yourweb.com and the other one is called yourweb2.com, you would like to track which one is getting more clicks.
2. Log in to your AdSense account and click on AdSense for Content.
3. Please scroll down the page until you see Channels and then click on manage channels.
4. Under Manage URL Channels you would type yourweb.com and click on Create New Channel.
5. You will immediately see yourweb.com in the Active URL Channels dialogue box.
6. Now type in yourweb2.com in the same channel text box and again click on Create New Channel.
7. You now have two channels and you will be able to track your progress on each channel.

Google URL Channel Reports

You can view channel reports from the Advanced Report page under the Reports tab.

1. Choose AdSense for Content, choose the date range and then select the Channels Data radio button.
2. Choose any number of active channels by holding down the CTRL key.
3. Next, click on Display Report.

It’s as simple as that. Now you would be able to track the performance of your AdSense ads on multiple sites using Google URL channels.

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