Using Google AdSense without Your Own Website

Use Google AdSense With Blog

If you don’t have your own website to start with or if you don’t want to use Google AdSense on your website, you might want to consider blogging. A blog can be like a online journal wherein you make daily “journal” entries or it can be more like a newsletter set up to inform or communicate with other people. There are several blogging sites on the Internet that allow you to have targeted Google AdSense ads running on your own blog pages. A few of the most popular blog sites are:


You can also search for an extensive list of blogs. Not all of these carry Google AdSense ads. It is all up to you whether or not to include AdSense ads in your blog and make money with it.
How to Promote Your Blog When You Are Using it to Earn Google AdSense Dollars

You could write the great American novel and if there is nobody reading it, you won’t make any money. You have to attract people to visit your website. You need to get traffic for you blog in order for you to make money. It is very logical that the more people or traffic you get, the higher chances that you get more clicks from your visitors.

There are several ways to get traffic for your blog.

* You should include your blog URL in your email signature. This way you get to promote your blog for free.
* You can link your blog with other blogger’s site and ask them to link to yours.
* You can comment on other people’s blogs but only do it if it is sincere. This will increase your overall traffic as you will pique others’ curiosity and they will want to read your blogs.
* You can write a newsletter and offer a free email subscription to your blog.
* You can put a referral button on your site.
* You can put an AdSense for Search button on your site.

There are several other ways to promote your AdSense site, please read the articles in the Promote Your Google AdSense Site Section.

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