A SEO Checklist for Your AdSense Site

A search engine optimized site is more likely to rank high in the search engine result page (SERP) than the others which are not. Ranking high in SERP can bring a steady stream of free traffic to your site. When it comes to create an AdSense site, you should optimize your site for search engine spiders. You should make sure that all of your content pages can be found, indexed and ranked correctly. The SEO checklist shown below could help you to create a search engine spider friendly site.

Topic of Your AdSense Site:
You need to decide a topic for your AdSense site. You should find a competitive niche market and create contents targeting the keywords that are popular.

Choose the Right Domain:
Choosing the right domain name will give your site better ranking in SERP. You can include the targeted keyword in your domain. For example, if you are running an online business directory, it is a good idea to include ‘directory’ as part of your domain name. Thus, your domain name could be online-direcotry or businessdirectory.

Keywords Research:
Once you’ve registered a domain for your AdSense site, you should find out a list of targeted keywords for your site and focus on them as you build the contents. You should use targeted keywords frequently but naturally.

Quality and Unique Content:
Your content pages must have enough high quality and relevant content. Search engine spider crawl the Internet looking for quality contents. Content is what Internet users are looking for and search engines try to provide. Frequent update of your content pages will also attract search engine spiders to crawl your site often.

A Flat Navigational Content Structure:
Having too many levels of subfolders from the root of your domain is not practical for several reasons. First of all, if your content pages are further from the top level of your site, it would be difficult for you users to find information. Besides, content pages that are more than 3 levels deep within your site may not be indexed by some spiders.

Unique Title Tag for Each Content Page:
Using a generic title for all your content pages are not a great idea. It is better if you can provide a brief but descriptive title for each content page that you have. This should give your visitor a better idea of what your content page is all about. You may want to include the targeted keywords in the title tag.

Description Tag:
The description tag should include the targeted keywords of the content page as well. It should contain a descriptive sentence about the content and purpose of your page. Most search engines will display the description when they list the page in search results.

Keyword Tag:
You should list the most important and relevant keywords in the keyword tag of each content page. These keywords must be related closely to the content of the webpage and tie into the overall theme of your AdSense site.

Create A Sitemap for Your AdSense Site:
A sitemap for your AdSense site allows search engine spider to find all of your content. Besides, text links that link to the sitemap from your web pages will help your visitors to find information easily.

Link to Your Pages Together Internally:
You should link all of your content pages together internally. Linking them together allows your visitors to find information easily. They may stay longer at your site and revisit to look for more information if they have pleasant navigation experience.

Use Keywords in Your Link Text:
Please include targeted keywords of the linked page as the text for the hyperlink. A descriptive text for a link is much better than one that is general. For example, "Leverage Traffic for Your AdSense Site with Inbound links” is much meaningful than one that simply says "links".

Avoid Frame for Your AdSense Site:
Please avoid using frames on any page that you want to get indexed by search engines spiders. If you must use frames for your AdSense site, please remember to use "noframes" tags to provide alternative text that spiders can read.

Follow these basic rules and you will be well on your way to creating a well optimized AdSense site. A well optimized AdSense site will most likely to rank higher.

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