Don’ts for Using the Google AdSense Program

Incorrect Way of Making Money With Google AdSense Program

Make money with Google AdSense Program is straight forward. It is fairly easy to add in the Google AdSense code in your web pages and start making money with Google AdSense Program. Web site owners get paid for clicks on Google AdSense ads that are displayed on their site. Because of its simplicity, web site owners of all sizes are now joining the Google AdSense program and make money with Google AdSense. Some webmasters exploits this simple online business model by clicking on their AdSense Ads intentionally hoping that they will get thousands of dollars instantly. The result is of course they are banned from the Google Adsense Program for invalid clicks.

Here are a few AdSense tips that will keep your AdSense account in good standing.
AdSense Tip #1: Don’t Click On Your Own Ads

Google has made it very clear that publishers should not click on the Google AdSense Ads shown on their web site. If Google AdSense team finds out that a publisher is clicking on the AdSense ads intentionally, they will terminate the publisher’s AdSense account immediately for invalid clicks. If you ever think you could easily get away with clicking on your AdSense ads, you are wrong. Google AdSense team can spot invalid clicks because they track the origin IP address of each click.

Here is a nice trick that will protect you from clicking your ads accidentally.
AdSense Tip #2: Don’t Ask Your Friends and Family to Click On Your Ads

As mentioned before, Google tracks the origin IP address of each click, excessive clicks from one IP address will bring to their attention and soon they will find out these clicks are done intentionally. It is best for you not to tell them about your Ads at all because sometimes your friends and family may think they can help you by clicking on the AdSense ads on your site, even though you didn’t ask them to do so. They may not know they are hurting your Google AdSense business. If you would like to make extra cash, you can refer them to the Google AdSense program.
AdSense Tip #3: Don’t Use Software To Generate Invalid Clicks

Google has stated clearly in their terms of service that use of automated clicking programs or robots to generate fraud clicks are prohibited and it will result in the cancellation of your AdSense account.
AdSense Tip #4: Don’ Trick Your Visitor into Clicking Your Ads

Any site that tricks or asks their visitor to click on the AdSense will be banned from the program. There is not exception to that.
AdSense Tip #5: Don't Use Pop-up

Don't put your Adsense Ads in the pop-up windows. This is against Google terms and conditions
AdSense Tip #6: Don’t Set Your AdSense Site as Your Browser Start Up Page

Google records the number of time the AdSense ad is shown on your Google AdSense site. If you set your Google AdSense site as your start up page, every time you load your browser, your AdSense ad is also loaded. Since all of these impressions come from your IP, it looks to Google that you are trying to create false impressions. Creating false impressions will also lead to the termination of your account.
AdSense Tip #7: Don’t Put Your AdSense Site in Auto Surf Program

Ever since Google AdSense released CPM (cost per thousand) Based Pricing for Google AdSense, putting your site in auto surf program is against Google AdSense's terms of service.
AdSense Tip #8: Don't Put Your AdSense Ads On Sites That Contain Prohibited Content

It is stated clearly in Google terms and conditions that putting AdSense ads on sites including adult or mature content, gambling-related content, or drug content is prohibited. You should make sure that all of your pages adhere to these policies.
AdSense Tip #9: Don't Promote Your AdSense Site in Bad Environment

You must ensure that any ad network that you are contracting with does not does not use any method (e.g. display your site in pop-ups or as a result of the actions of any software application) that may jeopardize your AdSense account. You need to be very careful when setting up ad campaigns with them.
AdSense Tip #10: Don't tamper with the AdSense code.

Once you've generated your AdSense code, you should not alter any portion of the code for any reason.

Hopefully these AdSense tips help you avoid the mistakes that could hurt your Google Adsense business. It could not be stressed enough that you should understand the Adsense terms of service and follow them completely. Failing to do so could only result in the termination of your Google AdSense account. Google Adsense program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will take time and hard work to make a profit from Google Adsense. Be patient and above all, have fun!

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