Directory Submission Strategies For Your AdSense Site

One of the best methods to get more traffic is with inbound links. One way to build inbound links to your website is by submitting your AdSense site information to the web directories. Website directories are directories that focus on compiling links to other websites and then categorizing them. There are many web directories on the Internet that will allow you to submit your AdSense site information.

Since there are so many web directories on the Internet, you need to spend most of your time submitting your AdSense site information manually. Alternatively, you can hire someone to do it for you. There are companies that offer web directory submission service at a very reasonable rate.
You Need A Good Plan

Before you start submitting your AdSense site to one of these web directories, you need to formulate a good plan in order to achieve best results. You should consider the following before you begin your submission:

1. You should study each directory and determine which category that is best fit your domain/sites. You can write a concise, accurate description of your AdSense site after careful research of your site’s category.
You need to procure a best description for your AdSense site in each category. You can mention your unique selling proposition in your AdSense site’s description. Please make sure there are no repeat keywords on the description.
You can suggest a new category to the owner of directory if you couldn’t find your desired specific category.
3. You may also use the paid or premium listings of a directory to get your AdSense site listed quickly. Some of the search engines measure link popularity in the quickness your site appears in a given high - pr directory.
4. You should verify your site manually after each submission. If your site is not listed in the given amount of time, you can resubmit it to the directory after 4 weeks.
5. You should keep track of your submissions dates, categories, descriptions, titles and so on.
6. You should always submit your domain name instead of a page.

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